Welcome to the official web page of Bulgarian Soil Science Society  (BSSS)

Bulgarian Soil Science Society (BSSS)  was founded in 1942 with the aim to acquaint the general public with soil science, with an emphasis on the importance of soil. This original mission of BSSS is more relevant than ever in the public debate for the conservation of soil resources. TheSociety also will organize various public events and activities related to the protection of our lands, recovery of contaminated soils and sustainable land management. The official BSSS webpage  will provide information about soils in Bulgaria and the problems associated with them.

Other main objectives of BSSS are to promote knowledge and innovative products of the soils science,  to support state policy and institution. For rational use and conservation of soil and land resources, to build up high international prestige of  Bulgarian soil science and scientific community. These objectives are implemented by conducting various creative, scientific and public initiatives - holding of national and international scientific and practical conferences, symposiums , scientific sessions and seminars, meetings with leading scientists, roundtables on important topics, printing and dissemination of scientific literature, publication of biographical essays by prominent scholars, training of young soil scientists.

BSSS is a member of the International Union of Soil Science (IUSS) , constantly maintaining fruitful relations and contacts with soil science organizations and leading scientists from many countries of the world such as EU countries, Russia, China, USA and neighboring  Balkans countries. More than 70 scientists and experts from various institutes and higher education institutions, non-government and government organizations are members and actively participate in ongoing initiatives .

 During 2015 - the International Year of  Soil, BSSS adopted a program to promote the importance of  soil. In May 2015 BSSS and ISSAP “N. Poushkarov” held conference dedicated to the International Year of Soils and the 140-th anniversary from the birth of Nikola Poushkarov - „SOIL AND AGROTECHNOLOGY IN A CHANGING WORLD“. This year a new scientific journal will be created – Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science.

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